When enemies are defeated they sometimes leave behind a chest. Chests contain one of 5 items:

Health Potion Edit

Common. Restores half your health (rounded down). Can carry up to 3.

Bomb Edit

Rare. Causes massive (20?) damage to enemies (will 1 shot anything up to a lvl 3 Humanoid. lvl 4 Ranged, lvl 4 fast). Can carry up to 3. Using the Bomb does not progress the night.

Equipment Edit

Uncommon. Automatically gives you a sword and shield. Can carry up to 3.

Shards Edit

Very rare. Used for building the shrine.

Dragon Summoning Spell Edit

The Dragon Summoning Spell summons a dragon to fight and converts all enemy tiles into special attacks for the dragon.

Dropped by the Lich only. Can only carry 1.